St Barth

St. Barths is an exclusive island in the Caribbean. Visitors enjoy a low-key European sophistication, where the rich and famous come to relax.

St. Barths is more a place to be! With its historic sites, museums, shops, water activities, secluded beaches and famous dining St Barth is a place that you must visit.

St. Barth's is t he island of the "Rich and Famous". The landing in St. Barth's, over a hill before the runway, is a thrill onto itself.

I recommend you rent a "moke" - an open air buggy that seats two comfortably, 4 is a squeeze. (Note this vehicle is standard shift). These and regular cars or jeeps are available at the airport but can be picked up or dropped off at the port or at hotels. Try one of the several beaches (Anse de Gouvernear, Shell Beach, Anse de Saline, and St. Jean). Explore the Port village of Gustavia. The shopping and people watching are great here. Have a drink at Le Select. Top the day off with an island tour and lunch at a restaurant overlooking St. Jean Bay. You will think you're in heaven.